A food delivery platform in Kamloops can be fruitful for any restaurant but takes expertise to build and perfect. At wikiADS, our marketing and technology expert can help you tackle a world of challenges when integrating with common applications or building your own solution.

Food Delivery Application Fees

Fees from delivery applications are a major barrier for small businesses and large corporations alike. Grubhub and DoorDash charge restaurants quite a bit. These fees can be as high as thirty percent of every order.

Luckily, there are services that are restaurant friendly. OpenTable, for instance, charges a flat fee of $260 per month to use its platform. Other applications exist specifically for popular food items such as pizza. Slice takes a flat $2.60 per order.

How profitable are food applications?

While fees can be high, applications in the food delivery space do drive an increase in sales at three out of four restaurants. Revenue at popular applications increased 204 percent over the past five years as more customers ordered through service than ever.

The increase in sales can help restaurants trying to drive growth beyond their core. Specialized applications tend to offer more upside for restaurants than larger and better known software. 

Eliminating Delivery Application Fees

It can feel like applications attempt to nickel and dime customers, especially when using popular applications. However, there is always an alternative.

If your business has a solid customer base you can create your own online ordering system. Whether this comes  in the form of an emailed request with a confirmation or a highly integrated application you can succeed without the help of a major chain.

Rolling your Own Application

There are technical considerations when building an application that are typically more reasonable for more popular restaurants. You must build and maintain a website, create an order system, and offer real-time notifications and delivery.

Each component costs money to implement and maintain. However, the benefits, for such businesses, can outweigh these costs. If you spend more than $2500 per month on Doordash or Github fees, this solution may be profitable.

Driving Traffic to your Restaurant Website

Whether or not you want to use your own software, maintaining a website is necessary in the modern world. More than 63 percent of your customers use search engines, map applications, and online reviews. 

Getting in control of your narrative and building lifetime customers requires an online presence. Our skilled staff can drive traffic to your food delivery applications or website, the first crucial step in getting rid of application fees.

Full Service Software and Marketing Company

Due to the technical and marketing requirements surrounding the creation of a food delivery application, a full service web design and development company is a great option. We help customers from conception to promotion and maintenance.

At wikiADS we host websites, create software, and build your brand in a single location. There is no need to farm out work to multiple contractors.

Food Delivery Platform in Kamloops

A food delivery platform in Kamloops can be profitable. Whether rolling your own or integrating an existing application into a website, you will want the help of a professional software company.

The web development and design experts at wikiADS have the knowledge and capability to help, with more than 455 satisfied customers. Schedule a consultation today.

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We ♥ Our Awesome Clients

Happy brands we've build some amazing things for

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