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Various SEO Software Platforms

There are various SEO software platforms that marketers use to gain insights and develop actionable plans. Unit Scientific provides a unique SEO software that employs content writers and generates backlinks all visible through your account dashboard along with real-time reporting.

Features of PASEO Software™

Relevant Linking

We categorize all websites into their relevant niche, relevant linking is achieved by receiving one-way links from these partnerships.

Content Marketing

We create optimized content for your website to boost the effectiveness of your inbound relevant linking partners.

SEO Architecture

We create keyword content structure on your website formatted into silos to achieve the best possible results.

Mobile Ready

Being mobile friendly is a must with more and more of your visitors using mobile devices.

Analytics & Reporting

Your account management dashboard presents live data about your online business, using Google Analytics and keyword ranking reports.

W3C & HTML 5 Coding

All of our codings are done with optimization in mind and adhere to the highest W3C Standards using HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Our SEO Plugin is designed to work in conjunction with. ASP, .PHP, .NET, and CFM websites. We also have a WordPress plugin available.

Multi-Lingual Support

Our platform knows no language barriers. We have the ability to stream and create our feed pages using any language and special characters.

Human Link Management

All links are Human Monitored and Machine Managed to ensure the highest relevancy for rankings.

Branded Plugin Pages

Our feed pages are designed to use your site design and CSS to blend beautifully with your website.

The PASEO Software™ Dashboard

When you sign up to the PASEO Software™ platform you will have access to your account’s dashboard which includes:

Keyword Content

This module allows you to see all the keywords that you have selected to rank at the top page on search engines. You have visibility to the keywords, meta titles, short descriptions, meta descriptions, and full supporting content.

Content Sharing

Full visibility to the backlinks that supercharge your website’s SEO performance. The main thing to remember is that this is not about competition. Every link will be part of the Life Sciences Affiliate Network. This means no toxic links! An enormous advantage only offered from Unit Scientific.

Analytics & Reporting

This feature provides a full analysis of your website’s performance. Track your progress in the major search engines to see how your campaign is progressing. This allows us to establish a benchmark and constantly measure our effort's return on investment.

Local Citation Builder

This is an interesting feature because it is intended for local businesses to come up first on search engines. Being a life sciences company portends that your customer base is worldwide. This feature exists to explore and is another way that we can provide an advantage depending on your location and the customer base searching for your solutions. Let us consider this feature the X factor.

Social Link Building

If you have accounts on social media platforms then they will be added to this module. If you do not have accounts on social media then you must create them for your company immediately. This does not require you to make any postings to these accounts (although you should be posting regularly). The software builds links using keyword alt text to help your social media profile rank.

SEMrush is another SEO platform that generates data on keywords and analyzing web traffic. It also provides tools for competitor analysis.

Some of SEMrush’s features include:

· Keyword Research

· On-page SEO

· Competitor Analysis

· Content Marketing

· Local SEO

· Rank Tracking

· Social Media Management

· Link Building

· Competitor SEO Analysis

· Content Creation and Distribution

· Content Optimization

· Content Marketing Analytics

· Market Analysis

· Paid Advertising

· Competitor PR Monitoring

· PPC Keyword Research

· Website Monetization

There is no doubt that there are several SEO software platforms that can provide in-depth analysis and a path towards ranking higher on search results. Only PASEO Software™ actually increases your companies ranking by subscribing to it. Think about that when you’re putting your money on the table.

Seo Software


We ♥ Our Awesome Clients

Happy brands we've build some amazing things for

We ♥ Our Awesome Clients

Happy brands we've build some amazing things for

We take great care when creating our plans, especially when they concern your vision.

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