We just wanted to say “Thank You” to you guys for everything that you’ve done. You’ve literally built our website, and through thick and thin, ups and downs; there have been way more amazing things than there have been problems. The bottom line is, you’ve allowed us to have a ship that’s brought in 6 Mil and it’s just getting started… On behalf of myself and everybody in this room and we love you guys just want to say THANK YOU

Chris Stoikos – Founder –
«Dollar Beard Club»

The Task

Coolbox came to us with the idea of building the world’s smartest toolbox and a growth goal of pitching their product on the second most popular crowdsourcing website Indiegogo. They outlined their goals and needs of being able to accept pre-orders with a shopping cart system to manage processing and fulfillment. After raising over 425k with a successful Indiegogo Campaign, the vision grew to display the Coolbox’s product on a digital landscape, an Episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.

A new brand is born,
Meet the Coolbox® –
The Toolbox of the Future.
Chris Stoikos and Jason Neubauer bring their successfully funded IndieGoGo product, the Coolbox, to the Tank in Shark Tank Season 7, Episode 23. After Shark Tank, the Coolbox team worked with Lori to lower the price. They designed a smaller Coolbox at a lower price point, and shipped the first run of units in February 2017. With Lori’s guidance and support the pair are poised to license Coolbox to a major manufacturer. This is one toolbox that should bring a cool profit to Lori and the Coolbox partners.

The Decision

We’re not only passionate about new technology, but innovation. The Coolbox the world’s smartest toolbox takes all the awesome features needed for any DIY job and packages them neatly into one awesome unit. Utilizing our creative designs and innovation we implemented a simple, yet to the point site the that could handle the vast amounts of traffic it was expecting for their upcoming Shark Tank episode in their extremely short deadline.

As Coolbox reached maturity, we passed the torch to their internal team and helped them along the way.