Powerful insight on a property in a single report

UnderBuilt sells residential property reports showing what’s built on a parcel and what can be built per today’s standards and codes. This is priceless information for realtors, developers, architects, and homeowners, as it shows the potential value of a property while saving you time, energy, and money.

Slightly less than a year ago, the UnderBuilt team came to us to build out a new property aggregating web app. UnderBuilt’s engine needed to dig through city websites, code manuals, and assessor maps; then parse this data into a usable and readable report for realtors, developers, architects, and homeowners.

An exercise in enhancements

Previously, to find max build size, you’d have to spend hours researching codes by combing through hundreds of pages on city or county websites. Then you’d have to crank out the math or take half a business day to go down to planning departments. Utilizing the leverage of the Trails.js and our own experiment ProxyEngine (some of our latest and greatest technology), we crafted UnderBuilt, a easy-to-use interface lets you type in an address or APN or use an intuitive map-based search system to get a detailed property report—instantly.

Enhance Existing Product

UB needed a rebuild of their web app, as it was the most important aspect for adding new cities in.

Mobile First

Since 80% of the user base used mobile, having instant reports available on mobile device was vital to the new sites success.

Steady Growth

With the growth of the SEO and SMM campaigns, UB was able to gain a traction in a Silicon Valley Accelerator.

100k Monthly Reports

Just a few months after the rebuild and launch, UB was steadily growing with over 100k monthly reports downloaded.

Build it Bigger, Meet UnderBuilt® –
Save Time, Save Money, Save Your Sanity.

As passionate as we are about web projects, this was one of the really cool ones that crossed our desk. Utilizing the Trails.js framework, our experimental ProxyCart application, we recreated UnderBuilt, a custom software as a service which allowed us to rapidly design and develop UnderBuilt in their extremely short deadlines.

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