An Amazing Portfolio Website to Display the Craftsmanship

Ames-Peterson International is a full-service architecture and design firm with offices in both West Hollywood and Boca Raton that serves clients all over the U.S. and worldwide. They combine modern ideas with historical influences to design clients dream homes.

Slightly less than a year ago, the Ames-Peterson International team came to us to build out a new website that showed off their talent and craftsmanship. Ames-Peterson’s website needed to showcase it’s amazing talent, the unique designs, as well as display it’s projects across the world for viewing.

An exercise in enhancements

Previously, Ames-Peterson was on a simple website builder website that was not as easy to use as the commercials made things out to be. Utilizing the leverage of the opensourcee community and WordPress, we crafted Ames-Peterson International, an easy-to-use WordPress website that made it simple enough for the secretary to upload and manage things.

Enhance Existing Product

AP needed a rebuild of their website, as it was the most important aspect for displaying their portfolio.

Mobile First

Since 80% of the user traffic was coming in from mobile devices, we ensured the website functioned and looked great on mobile devices.

Steady Growth

With the growth of the SEO and SMM campaigns, AP was able to become the one of the most renowned design and architect firm in the US.

Awards Earned

Just a few months after the rebuild and launch, AP was granted the Best Residential Architecture Firm – North America” BUILD Home & Garden Awards, 2019.

Modern Ideas Historical Influences

As passionate as we are about web projects, this was one of the really cool portfolio websites that crossed our desk. Utilizing the WordPress open-source framework, we recreated Ames-Peterson, a new website which allowed us to rapidly design and develop Ames-Peterson in their extremely short deadlines.

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