A Tree Service Business Rebrand: On-Going Maintenance for Your Business

When it comes to your business, first impressions are important. But what happens when it’s time for a change? A fresh start? That’s where we step in. We didn’t just redesign Parker Tree Service’s website, we completely rebranded the company. This involved creating a new logo, selecting new colors and fonts, and more – all to give the company a fresh and modern look.

But it’s not just about appearances. We also ensured that Parker Tree Service achieved top SEO rankings, driving targeted customers to their newly designed website. Because in the end, having a visually appealing website is only half the battle – you also need one that converts.

An exercise in enhancements

We take pride in assisting Parker Tree Service in their company rebranding efforts and providing ongoing maintenance to ensure their website always looks its best. Collaborating closely with Parker Tree Service, we developed a new web design that truly captures their brand essence and highlights their exceptional work. Alongside the revamped look and feel, we implemented cutting-edge SEO techniques to attract targeted customers to the website. The outcome was a visually stunning website that not only impressed visitors but also converted them into customers.

Enhance Existing Product

To accomplish this, we utilized various design techniques such as implementing a striking color scheme, making effective use of negative space, and integrating captivating images. Additionally, we ensured the inclusion of clear calls-to-action, enabling visitors to easily reach out to Parker Tree Service.

Mobile First

Since a great part of user traffic comes from mobile devices, we made sure the website was easily accessible on these devices as well.

Steady Growth

Besides having a robust web design, we also incorporated successful SEO strategies. This guaranteed Parker Tree Service to achieve high rankings in search engine results, attracting relevant traffic to their website.


We have an ongoing collaboration with Parker Tree Service, regularly providing maintenance and updates as needed. This ensures their website always looks its best and accurately reflects any changes in the company’s brand. We have developed multiple websites for them to accommodate these changes.

A Development That Exceeds Results

Parker Tree Service now boasts a visually appealing website that ranks well in search engines, drawing targeted traffic to their business. Initially, we created their website, and a few years later, we revamped and rebranded it to align with industry trends and SEO changes. We take pride in assisting with their company rebranding and look forward to continuing to support their business growth. Our accomplishments include another complete rebrand and company profile makeover, featuring:

  • A 75% increase in organic site traffic

  • More than 70% increase in requests for information

  • More than 80% increase in call volume

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