Find the Products You Need for Your demanding Sports and Racing Adventures

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, look no further than TEK208 for top-notch USA-made products! We craft and manufacture our items with love in Homedale, Idaho. TEK208 has all that you need to take your sports and racing adventures to the next level. Equip yourself with fire extinguishers & mounts, fuel pack mounts, iPad and GPS mounts, plus more!

Get ready for an action-packed journey ahead.

An exercise in enhancements

Tek208 came to us with a website that was in need of an extensive remodel. Our team at Idaho Style created a welcoming and easy-to-use eCommerce website. Customers can not only purchase items on the website, but they can also ask the company questions with our email automation. On our improved website, it is easy to find information, photos, contact information, and more. With constant optimization, we at Idaho Style are able to create greater traffic to TEK208’s website.

Craft Prototype

TEK208 understood that a website reconstruction was essential to increase their customer sales, as it is the most critical component for people to purchase products.

Mobile First

Created a website that was untroublesome even on a mobile device for easier access for consumers. To achieve this, we employed a series of innovative design techniques such as an attention-grabbing color palette, the clever use of negative space, and captivating visuals. Furthermore, to make it simpler for shoppers to navigate and pay on mobile devices, we ensured that the shop menu was clearly visible in addition to making payment options easily accessible.

Steady Growth

With a strong web design that we will continue to optimize, TEK208’s targeted traffic is likely to become consumers and TEK208 will continue to see a strong CRM.


We remain dedicated to delivering ongoing maintenance and updates as necessary. This includes making sure that their website looks flawless and mirrors any changes in the company’s branding.

Elevate Their Business and Help Them Stand Out in the Digital Marketplace

We take immense pride in having aided them with their company rebranding, and are enthused to carry on supporting them as they expand their business into the future. Idaho Style has crafted an incredible eCommerce website for TEK208 that is dynamic, SEO-friendly, and visually stunning.

  • Custom Independent E-Commerce Website

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 80%

  • Increased order volume than 50%

If you ever require additional aid or have queries, never hesitate to reach out – our mission is to ensure your success!

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