DIY mixing E-liquid products delivered every month

Slightly less than a year ago, the Joose on Tap came up with the idea of offering their premium e-liquids to consumers nationwide. Utilizing our famous up-sell product funnel, we crafted out a “build your own box”. The ability to pick what juices you receive is one of the most important selling points to customers as they can be pretty picky with flavors. This allowed subscribers to select from over 60 different e-liquid flavors and modify their box each month.

An exercise in enhancements

Joose on Tap came to us after their original Shopify subscription site didn’t meet the cut. They outlined their goals and needs of creating a subscription based website that sells e-liquid with strict FDA regulations. Utilizing the leverage of the Shopify Platform and some of our latest and greatest technology, we created JoT, a custom subscription based box service.

Craft Prototype

JoT needed a rebuild of their website, as it was the most important aspect for people to order liquid.

Build a Following

Once a Prototype was created, a social media campaign was implemented to begin building traction before launch.

Steady Growth

With the growth of the SEO and SMM campaigns, JoT was able to gain a reputable name in the industry.

10k Subscribers

Just a few months after launch, JoT was steadily growing with over 10k subscriptions.

Become a Flavor Hero, Meet Joose on Tap® –
The Smarter Way To Mix Joose.

As passionate as we are about web projects, this was one of the really cool ones that crossed our desk, and it just so happen that some of us vape too. Utilizing the Shopify Platform and a custom Node.js application, we created JoT, a custom subscription based box service which allowed us to rapidly design and develop Joose on Tap in their extremely short deadlines.

Watch the Video that inspired it all. ↗

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