A Lifestyle Embracing Family, Farming, and Conservation Practices

Longtime friends and recent college graduates, Chris and Willie, have always had a grand vision of bringing sustainable agriculture to the cannabis industry. Hailing from Hawaii, Chris has an agricultural background in sugarcane farming while Willie’s family is rooted in ranching in Texas. Together they created Pineapple Society – a brand that embodies their shared values of community, environmentalism, and mindful approaches to cultivation practices. It represents more than just a lifestyle for them; it’s part of who they are today!

Hawaiian culture embraces the saying “Malama ka ‘aina” which translates to “care for the land,” and serves as a mantra that guides our farming practices, company philosophy, and product development. With an organic approach from seed to sale, our commitment to quality ensures that all of the natural benefits of cannabis remain intact in every single one of our products.

Their products contain CBD and CBG from their cannabis plants. They sell infused flower and coffee.

An exercise in enhancements

Idaho Style has made a website from scratch for Pineapple Society to reach more potential customers. We have incorporated attractive visuals to demonstrate their services and products, as well as a contact form that allows customers to get in touch with them right away on the website. Moreover, via this website, customers can make purchases in an Ecommerce fashion; they can also use email automation to join the newsletter, track their orders and create an account quickly and easily. All of this makes Pineapple Society’s website efficient and user-friendly, providing a great shopping experience. While we use SEO to improve their presence on the web, Pineapple Society is more often seen by potential customers.

Enhance Existing Product

These founders have created a great idea for interested consumers. Pineapple knew that in order to target the right customers, they needed a new web design. We created a website to target these customers with our creative web design.

Mobile First

Since a majority of users will be visiting mobile, it was important to ensure the website performed and looked great on mobile devices.

Steady Growth

With our consistent web optimization and search engine optimization for Pineapple Society, they see and will continue to see greater traffic traveling toward their site.


Idaho Style is excited about the path we will be going on with Pineapple Society. We will vigilantly ensure that the website is equipped with fresh content and remains at its coveted high SERP ranking. We are here to regularly keep the website and search engine optimized to keep the company growing.

Development and Results Where It Matters

We are proud to have been part of Pineapple Society Hemp’s successful rebranding, providing them a website that looks stunning and ranks high on search engine results. This allows their business to draw in targeted traffic – something we look forward to helping them achieve even more as they continue to grow!

  • Company Branding and Development of E-Commerce Store

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 80%

  • Increase sales volume by more than 75%

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