From an Internal Built Website to a Professional Hand Off

Empower Recovery Center, a renowned addiction treatment rehab facility, enlisted the expertise of Idaho Style to invigorate its brand and elevate its digital presence. The project encompassed a holistic website overhaul and a meticulously crafted digital marketing campaign, meticulously designed to amplify the center’s online visibility and extend its reach.

Our expert creative team, equipped with a profound understanding of the addiction treatment industry, has meticulously developed a new website design that radiates warmth, professionalism, and trustworthiness. We have optimized the site for an exceptional user experience, ensuring effortless navigation and accessibility across all devices. The result is an intuitive interface that seamlessly guides visitors, equipping them with essential information about the services Empower Recovery Center offers.

An exercise in enhancements

The digital marketing campaign played a crucial role in this project. It was meticulously crafted to achieve a delicate balance between empathetic engagement and informative communication. By employing sophisticated targeting strategies, the campaign effectively reaches individuals actively seeking assistance, positioning Empower Recovery Center as a symbol of hope and restoration.

We also optimized the website content to ensure that all visitors are provided with a comprehensive overview of what Empower Recovery Center offers. This includes a wide range of interactive tools, such as quizzes and discussions, which assist individuals in their journey to recovery.

Enhance Existing Product

By focusing on enhancing the user experience, providing in-depth information about their holistic treatment programs, and incorporating visually appealing design elements, Empower Recovery Center aimed to create a website that truly reflected their commitment to helping individuals on their journey to recovery.

Mobile First

Given that 80% of the user traffic originated from mobile devices, we took meticulous care to optimize the website’s functionality and design specifically for mobile platforms. By implementing responsive web design techniques and conducting extensive testing, we ensured that the website not only operated seamlessly but also provided an exceptional user experience on various mobile devices, regardless of screen size or orientation.

Steady Growth

Thanks to the successful implementation of SEO and SMM campaigns, Empower Recovery Center has achieved remarkable results. The center witnessed a consistent surge in website traffic and experienced heightened customer engagement. These accomplishments have directly translated into increased leads and conversions, making Empower Recovery Center a standout in the industry.


Empower Recovery Center is thrilled with the exceptional results achieved through the rebranding project executed by Idaho Style. The website now stands as the cornerstone of ERC’s digital presence, seamlessly guiding prospective customers towards the valuable information and resources necessary for informed decision-making.

A Behavioral Treatment Campaign that Exceeds Results

The remarkable transformation propelled Empower Recovery Center to the forefront of its industry, firmly establishing its position as a leading rehab center for addiction treatment. The Idaho Style team takes great pride in their role, contributing to the journey of assisting more individuals in finding their path to recovery.

  • Tripled their Organic Site Traffic

  • Decreased PPC Spend by 60%

  • Increase Insurance requests for information by more than 80%

  • Increase call volume by more than 75%

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