A Teriyaki Restaurant Rebrand to the On-Going Maintenance.

When it comes to your business, first impressions matter. But what about when it’s time for a change? A fresh start? Happy Teriyaki needed an update to its current website design as well as to increase traffic and customer engagement. Idaho Style performed a complete rebrand that encompassed a new web design, restaurant eCommerce platform for online ordering, as well as a digital marketing approach with an optimized campaign which resulted in increased rankings and targeted customers.

An Exercise in Enhancements

When Happy Teriyaki came to us as a new restaurant in the Treasure Valley, we were excited to help. We had seen this restaurant around the Treasure Valley as it was the first beginning. We are so happy that we are able to help them gain more customers and grow.

At Idaho Style, we developed the Happy Teriyaki website from scratch and remain dedicated to providing them with ongoing support. This means their website will always be up-to-date with the latest trends. It looks great and is very appealing to a customer’s eye. They have a store locator, and an online ordering system you can upload your resume right on the site. We created these tools to be appealing and easy to use.

Additionally, we employed advanced SEO techniques to drive potential customers right to the website. The beautiful design of the site quickly turned visitors into loyal shoppers!

With Happy Teriyaki’s new eCommerce website, they are able to attract more customers and create better customer relationship management. We enjoy seeing the growth that they continue to make.

Enhance Existing Restaraunt

Our website was designed to make it as easy as possible for consumers to locate this product near them, apply for available jobs and directly place an order. With this website creation, the restaurant will become greater known.

Mobile First

For our websites to be effective, we must guarantee that the same accessible experience is offered on both mobile and desktop devices. Consumers want an effortless shopping journey no matter what device they use – our email automation, eCommerce features, and store locators operate just as efficiently across all platforms.

Continuing Growth

It has been an exciting experience to observe Happy Teriyaki grow and develop into a larger company. Here at Idaho Style, we make sure the website remains current so that it consistently generates a high volume of relevant visitors. This allows us to maximize potential traffic for our client’s businesses!

On-Going Help

Happy Teriyaki is now available and surpassing expectations! We understand that our customers may have questions or concerns after their website launches, so we are here to provide ongoing support at all times. It’s our priority to ensure that you get the best guidance and assistance each step of the way throughout your journey with us.

Results that Match the Product

We are ecstatic to have worked with Happy Teriyaki in developing their new restaurant eCommerce website. Not only is it visually pleasing, but its search engine optimization capabilities drive targeted traffic and customers directly to them as well! We look forward to continuing our partnership and helping facilitate their business success for years ahead.

  • Complete Company Rebrand and Makeover

  • Increased Order Volume by 65%

  • Increase Search Visibility by 80%

Happy Teriyaki is a great example of how Idaho Style’s web design and digital marketing services can help businesses achieve their goals. We were able to take their existing website and give it a new look and feel that achieved top ranking SEO results. We also helped build their entire online ordering system, including apps for both Android and iOS. As a result, the website looks great and converts well, while the online ordering process is streamlined and easy to use.

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