From Rebranding a Rehab Center to Continuous Maintenance.

Detox of Colorado, a leading rehab center for adults facing addiction, has taken a major step towards improving their services and reaching out to those in need by partnering with Idaho Style. This strategic alliance aims to rejuvenate its brand and strengthen its digital footprint, alongside modifying its program to better serve individuals and their families struggling with addiction.

With the dedicated support of our experienced team at Idaho Style, Detox of Colorado can now present a new and improved website design that truly embodies their core values and mission. This carefully crafted website is user-friendly, accessible on all devices, and radiates warmth, professionalism, and absolute trust. It provides essential information about the diverse services offered by Detox of Colorado in a seamless and intuitive manner.

An exercise in enhancements

Our skilled creative team, with extensive knowledge in the addiction treatment industry, has spent countless hours meticulously crafting a new website design. This design exudes warmth, professionalism, and trustworthiness. Every detail has been carefully considered to enhance the user experience significantly.

The site offers seamless navigation and is fully responsive, working flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. Its intuitive, user-centric interface smoothly guides users, providing them with vital, in-depth information about the wide range of services offered by Detox of Colorado. Our goal with this new website is to create a digital environment that not only conveys information but also motivates and builds confidence among those seeking help and guidance.

Enhance Existing Product

In addition to completely overhauling Detox of Colorado’s brand and website, we enhanced their product offerings as well. By thoroughly examining their existing services, we identified areas for improvement and made necessary updates to their site. This partnership resulted in an improved online presence for Detox of Colorado, enabling them to more effectively showcase their addiction support options.

Mobile First

In the current digital era, it’s crucial to have a website that responds well and is optimized for mobile devices. By adopting a mobile-first strategy in designing and developing the website for Detox of Colorado, we made sure it was accessible and easy to navigate for visitors, no matter what device they used.

Steady Growth

In addition to strong web design, we implemented effective SEO tactics to secure a high search engine ranking for Detox of Colorado, drawing in the right audience. Through thorough keyword research and analysis, we identified key search terms to tactically place within the website’s content and meta descriptions. Furthermore, we used backlinking methods to enhance the website’s domain authority and credibility.


We understand that a website’s development is a continuous process of growth and improvement, rather than just a single project. Thus, we continue our collaboration with Detox of Colorado, providing ongoing support, maintenance, and necessary updates. This includes ensuring their website remains fresh and consistent with any changes in their branding. Moreover, we regularly review analytics data to make necessary adjustments, enhancing the site’s performance and the user experience.

A Development That Exceeds Results

Through our collaboration with Detox of Colorado, we’ve seen their incredible transformation into a leading addiction treatment rehab center.

The Idaho Style team feels privileged to have been a part of this journey, helping individuals on their road to recovery. Our partnership has triumphed in design and marketing efforts, with our design team creating a stunning website that effectively captures Detox of Colorado’s commitment to helping those fighting addiction.

We’re honored to have contributed to Detox of Colorado achieving its goal and becoming a ray of hope for those battling addiction. Together, we’re dedicated to dismantling the stigma of addiction and offering essential support to those in need.

  • Requests for information in the insurance sector have surged by more than 80%

  • The number of calls has increased by over 65%

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