A Great Alternative that You Will Actually Enjoy

Mr. Cauliflower offers a delectable, nutritious meat alternative that is sure to meet the needs of anyone looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint, economize on food expenditures, or simply eat more vegetables. By leveraging its unique and patented drying process, Mr. Cauliflower has managed to create a shelf-stable product with an irresistible flavor profile—perfect for any type of diet!

An exercise in enhancements

We are overjoyed to have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Cauliflower and provide them with ongoing assistance, ensuring that their website is always up-to-date. We designed an Ecommerce web page for the company that perfectly captured its corporate identity as well as displaying their work in an attractive fashion. With our email automation, customers can directly sign up for the newsletter on Mr. Caulifower’s website. Our store locator allows consumers to search for this product in their area.

Moreover, we utilized advanced SEO tactics to direct potential customers straight to the site. An aesthetically pleasing website that transformed visitors into devoted shoppers!

Enhance Existing Product

The website we created allows consumers to find this product in their area, sign up for the newsletter with just an email, and buy products directly on the site. With this easy access, visitors are more likely to become consumers.

Mobile First

It is important that our websites and their tools are just as accessible on a mobile device since a large number of consumers shop on their phones. The website’s email automation, Ecommerce features, and store locator are just as easy to use on a mobile device as they are on a computer.

Steady Growth

Seeing Mr. Cauliflower grow and become a larger company has been fun for us at Idaho Style. We keep the website and the company’s search engine results up to date to continue to bring in as much targeted traffic as possible.


Mr. Cauliflower is now available and performing well. We are always here for our clients even after their website is live. We are here to answer any questions or concerns for our customers.

Results That Match The Product

We are overjoyed to have assisted Mr. Cauliflower with their company rebranding and even prouder of the website we designed for them; one that is aesthetically pleasing, ranks highly in search engine results and drives beneficial traffic directly to them. We look forward to further aiding in their business growth moving forwards.

  • Custom Website and Brand Locator

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 70%

  • Increased order volume than 40%

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