The Bond Between a Hairstylist and their Client is an Incredible Thing that Radiates Love and Care in All Directions

The Hair Share online course is designed specifically for those who are about to embark on their hair styling journey or for those seeking the most current refreshers. The Hair Share strongly believes that education should be an ongoing process; bring along your imagination and they’ll provide you with the best instruction!

Hair Share is committed to revolutionizing the hair industry by offering education, motivation, and inspiration to stylists seeking a new career path. Their mission is to build an innovative global hairstyling community that values skillful craftsmanship as well as a conscious connection with clients. Independent and responsible stylists should be rewarded for their mastery of artistry and sensitivity in energetic human interactions – both essential components of successful styling today!

Founder Cindy Adra is your go-to source for learning the real ins and outs of running a successful business. She reveals all the knowledge that isn’t taught in school but is essential to get ahead.

An exercise in enhancements

The Hair Share came to us to build their beauty school’s looks. With us at Idaho Style creating a new website, they are more appealing, trustworthy, and easier to access. With this eCommerce website, you can begin your journey in their course with a few clicks.

Launching The Hair Share’s new website was a pivotal move in refining their customer relationship management strategy. With its sophisticated design, Hair Share now has the ability to reduce time spent addressing customer inquiries by streamlining the sales process for patrons. Idaho Style helped them procure an exceptional-looking website that not only looks great but also helps convert visitors into customers; this gives them an upper hand over bigger businesses and assists them with having great online visibility.

Enhance Existing Product

With an appealing eCommerce website, customers have a secure and reliable solution for buying products or services online. By creating an eCommerce website, businesses can position themselves as a leader both in their local market and globally, further aiding them in their efforts of gaining more customers.

Mobile First

As the majority of customers search for services on mobile devices, it was essential to making sure the website was optimized and responsive for those platforms.

Steady Growth

As Hair Share courses are easily accessible with a new website, this company will see steady growth in visitors turning into customers.


Here at Idaho Style, we continue to make improvements so that The Hair Share’s website is modern and can deliver positive outcomes reliably. Should you have any inquiries or worries, our team will be more than pleased to assist.

Outstanding Achievements Through Growth

We take pride in having helped The Hair Share with their company’s new website, which is optimized for search engine results, and has been able to attract a large number of targeted customers! We look forward to seeing more growth from this business in the future due to our assistance.

  • Completely Custom Online Courses

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 80%

  • Increase Attendance by 65%

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