Everyday Fashion that Flows

Colleen and Mindy are always matching… Whenever they see each other for the weekend or holidays they seem to always have the same outfit on. One day Mindy called Colleen and said “Hey! Why don’t we start our own boutique?” They absolutely love looking cute and feeling good and we wanted to share that with everyone else too!! That’s how Juniper & Blue was born. They truly believe that if you look good it helps to feel good on the inside… that’s why they want to change the world one outfit at a time!

An exercise in new Digital Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Juniper and Blue Boutique came to us with the task of first starting with an eCommerce store and then eventually opening a retail brick-and-mortar location. They outlined their goals and needs of being able to accept payments online and both in person with a point of sale (POS) system combined with inventory management that allowed for a seamless inventory control between both online and retail inventory.

Idea Inception

Outlining short and long term goals for an eCommerce Boutique with growth plans into a retail location.

eCommerce Site Launch

Launching first with an eCommerce store and inventory control. Unique features like a Seasonal Lookbook were crafted out.

Retail POS System & ERP

Following the eCom site, we build out a POS system that integrated with the website as a seamless universal tool.

Affiliate Program

After building a solid social media foundation, Influencers crossed promote products sporting the latest trends.

Juniper & Blue is known for statement-making, uber-trendy
pieces and expert service.

We’re not only passionate about new technology, but innovation. The Juniper and Blue Boutique website was a fun play on new digital brick-and-mortar retail. We solved the issue of both handling online and retail inventory in real-time with one integrated system used for both eCommerce shopping carts and Point-of-Sales (POS) retail. The Juniper and Blue website takes the award for all the awesome features needed for any eCommerce & Retail Startup. Utilizing our creative designs and innovation we implemented a simple, yet to the point site the that could handle the vast amounts of traffic it was expecting for their upcoming launch in their extremely short deadline.

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