GK Foods is certified Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Organic

Located in northern San Diego County, GK Foods is a family-run business that has proudly offered fine food products for over sixteen years. With its expansive selection of side dishes featuring rice, pasta, or potatoes as well as baking mixes, drink mixtures and snacks; this company’s extensive array of flavors & seasonings has earned it the distinction of being an industry leader.

GK Foods operate with the highest of standards to guarantee that our food products are safe and up-to-par. Offerings have been certified Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Organic; from private label turnkey items to product development services as well as dry blending and packaging. Additionally, through Global Kaizen Division you can take advantage of contract manufacturing/ co-pack services too! Give them a call today to evaluate your project – partner with GK Foods for effortless help in bringing forth your company or increased production proficiency.

An Exercise in Enhancements

GK Foods now has a custom website that is easy to navigate, with high-quality pictures and descriptions of their products that lure customers in. Plus, they can submit planners right on the site! By using search engine optimization, GK Foods gained Google credibility that drives more traffic to their website which generates greater customer conversion rates. It would be hard not to be pleased with this revamped digital experience.


Enhance Existing Product

GK Food’s new website was essential for displaying the family-owned company’s great quality of their food and what they stand for.

Mobile First

Being just as available on a mobile device as the website is on a larger device is essential. Most targeted traffic is coming from mobile devices. Our website creation works great on mobile devices.

Steady Growth

GK Foods is continuing to grow as we continue to optimize its website to ensure its conversion rate will continue to grow.


With the website up and running we are still here to help GK Foods. They can reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns.

Readiness to Increase Online Traffic

As a result of our services, GK Foods has achieved incredible success – their site looks amazing, ranks well on search engines, and drives the right customers directly toward them.

  • Comprehensive Online Branding and Marketing

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 50%

  • Increased Engagement More than 70%

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