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Online Ordering System and App for Restaurants

How many times do customers ask to order online? It’s a commonly requested feature for restaurants. Many customers want the convenience of being able to order their food from their favorite restaurant without having to call or come in.

Restaurants have various problems when it comes to taking orders online. One of the main problems is that they need to manage different systems for taking orders, processing payments, and managing table bookings. This can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if they want to offer an online ordering system that is integrated with their website or mobile app. Another issue is that restaurants need to be able to handle large volumes of orders, and if their online ordering system isn’t efficient or scalable, it can be difficult to keep up with demand.

Furthermore, restaurants need to be able to trust the payment processing system they use for online orders. If there are any issues with the payment gateway or the transaction process, it could result in lost sales and negative publicity. Overall, there are a number of challenges that restaurants face when it comes to taking orders online, but with the right solution in place, these problems can be overcome.

Take Restaurant Orders Online With Ease & Peace of Mind

Idaho Style’s SaaS is an ordering and delivery management solution that helps restaurants process online orders and payments, handle table bookings, create promo codes, and more. The online ordering module allows users to receive requests and accept or reject orders on the centralized platform as well as an online food ordering system that supports sales in restaurants by integrating menu on native websites and mobile applications.

This software makes it easy for customers to order from their favorite restaurant without having to call or come in. It’s a great way to increase business and keep customers happy.

What Kind of eCommerce Website Do You Need for Your Restaurant?

Idaho Style’s restaurant eCommerce software is an all-in-one solution that helps restaurants manage online orders, payments, table bookings, and more. The online ordering module allows restaurants to receive orders and accept or reject them on the centralized platform. The software also includes an online food ordering system that supports sales in restaurants by integrating menus on native websites and mobile applications. Idaho Style’s restaurant eCommerce software is an efficient and scalable solution that can help restaurants overcome the challenges of taking orders online.

Online Food Ordering System

Take advantage of the fact that 70% of customers would rather order directly from a restaurant’s ordering system than through a third-party platform. By running online ordering on your website, you can avoid paying high commissions and earn more money. For your beloved customers, this will mean convenience of ordering, while for you, bigger profits and less headaches.

Take Table Reservations

85% of customers look for restaurants online before placing reservation for a table? Let them find you! Customers are more likely to make reservations in restaurants over the internet. This is a quick and time-saving method of booking a table. Using the table booking system, you will be able to attract more consumers, manage your staff’s workload more effectively, and minimize no-shows.

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Determine how your restaurant’s loyalty programs function and set up an easy to use promotional engine. Launch a loyalty program and create a devoted following of customers. Tap into ever-growing social platforms user base and win over new clients with the best restaurant rewards programs.

Native Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Having a restaurant mobile app in addition to your online food ordering system on your website could bring in more sales. Customers will appreciate the ease of placing orders, and you’ll make more money from food delivery fees. Launch your mobile ordering app today and attract new customers and boost revenue.

Table Ordering via QR Codes

Your customers can order from their table by simply scanning a QR code. Reduce the handling of menus, exchange between your servers and dine-in guests to provide a safe and satisfying experience.

Restaurant Marketing & Automation

Idaho Style’s Restaurant SaaS allows you to easily create and send email, SMS, and push notifications to your customers. With our loyalty program, discount coupons, promotion engine and marketing automation – this is the full deal.

Commonly asked questions about our Restaurant Online Ordering Software

It is important to develop a professional and attractive website that your customers can easily book and order food online. We have three tiered plans depending on the size of your restaurant and the number of locations.

The price of adjustment depends on the number of orders, the number of locations and required time of one of our team specialist to set things up. Thus, the larger the project and more team members required, the more time it will be necessary to spend on its launch, which will accordingly affect the cost of customization. We’re not the most expensive but we’re not the cheapest. We never sacrifice cost for quality of work.

From your simple food truck menu to full blown “Build Your Own” type items and even product upsells and downsells – our software can handle it all. We haven’t met a challenge yet that our Reservation and Restaurant Software can’t handle.

By going “online” your Brand has visibility to endless users and traffic now. If you’re not online and with a web presence then you’re not really in business these days we’d say. Not only can you give your customers a new avenue to place orders, you can save tons of money by not having to offer 3rd party services to sell your food online.

Yes! Most websites have the ability to edit things yourself these days. Depending on the customization and flexibility of the platform utilized comes the ability to edit pages. We also provide a maintenance plan for those not wanting to update to edit their website but rather would have us complete the task for you or your team.

Yes, there is. As part of your subscription, we keep your online portion of your store up and running smoothly without any hiccups.

Monthly service costs depend on the package tier as well as any additional charges for the payment processing and marketing automation engine.