Publicly Traded Cbd Company: CBDL

LBC Bioscience Inc. was founded as Superstar Vape, Inc. by Current President Lisa A. Nelson. LBC’s primary focus is on developing organic products such as CBD Oil Drops, CBD Coffee, CBD Oil infused with Vitamins, CBD Pet Products, CBD Pain Relief Creams, CBD Anxiety Drops, CBD Sleep Drops, CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Skincare Products, CBD Tinctures & Terpenes and more!

An exercise in new Digital Brick-and-Mortar CBD Retail

LBC Bioscience wanted to promote and monitor the cannabinoid sector. They set out to create a favorable social economic environment towards the CBD industry in the United States. One of the first steps in making sure that was possible started with their online presence.

Idea Inception

Outlining short and long term goals for a CBD eCommerce platform that could mimic their retail location while connecting new wholesalers to their ERP system.

eCommerce Site Launch

Launching first with an eCommerce store and inventory control. Seamless integration between the eComm site and Retail was vital in launching new storefronts.

Retail POS System & ERP

Following the eCom site, we build out a POS system that integrated with the website as a seamless universal tool for both online and retail.

Affiliate Program

After building a solid social media foundation, the wholesale side of the business was launched targeting new white label CBD clients.

LBC is known for creating and setting trends with CBD products.

We’re not only passionate about new technology, but innovation. The LBC Bioscience website was a fun play on new digital brick-and-mortar retail combining both CRM and ERP systems. We solved the issue of both handling online and retail inventory in real-time with one integrated system used for both eCommerce shopping carts and Point-of-Sales (POS) retail. The LBC Bioscience website takes the award for all the awesome features needed for any eCommerce & Retail Startup. Utilizing our creative designs and innovation we implemented a simple, yet to the point site the that could handle the vast amounts of traffic it was expecting for their upcoming launch in their extremely short deadline.

From Single Product Sales to Subscription CBD Box

A few months after launch LBC outlined their goals and needs of creating a subscription box for CBD products based their website’s best sellers.

From ground up on product combination selections, box design and creation to the implementation of the subscription engine that powers it all, this project was a fun one we had the pleasure of carrying across the finish line.

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