Patients are in Good Hands at Valiant Detox’s Treatment Center

At Valiant Detox, you’ll find that their services extend far beyond just a simple detoxification process. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you not only recover from whatever substance abuse issues you may be facing, but also to guiding you on your journey of self-discovery. They understand that everyone’s path to recovery is different, and that’s why they offer personalized referral services to help you find the program that truly suits your unique needs. And with comprehensive assessments that delve deeper into your situation, you can trust that Valiant Detox will provide you with the tools you need to prepare for the road ahead. Their short-term residential program offers a supportive and structured environment for you to not only detoxify, but to also lay the foundation for a healthier, happier life. At Valiant Detox, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

An Exercise in Enhancements

Valiant Detox, a leading addiction treatment rehab center, sought out Idaho Style’s expertise to breathe new life into its brand and digital presence. The project entailed a comprehensive website revamp and a finely tuned digital marketing campaign, designed to enhance the center’s online visibility and reach. Our creative team, armed with an in-depth understanding of the addiction treatment industry, meticulously crafted a new website design that exudes warmth, professionalism, and trust. We optimized the site for user experience, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility across devices. The site now offers an intuitive interface that seamlessly guides visitors, providing them with the essential information about the services Valiant Detox provides.

The digital marketing campaign was an equally important part of this project. We designed it to strike a balance between empathetic engagement and pragmatic information dissemination. The campaign leverages advanced targeting strategies to reach individuals who are actively seeking help, positioning Valiant Detox as a beacon of hope and healing.

Enhance Existing Product

Valiant Detox offers a unique approach to detox that prioritizes the whole patient. However, their outdated website was not effectively communicating this approach to potential patients. That’s where we came in – tasked with rebuilding their website to help them stand out in a crowded market. Our goal was to create a professional website that accurately reflected the personalized care and attention to detail that Valiant Detox is known for.

Mobile First

In today’s world, mobile devices are the most common way people access the internet. And when it comes to addiction treatment services, it’s crucial to make the website easily accessible for those seeking help. That’s why we made sure Valiant Detox’s website was not only functional, but visually stunning on mobile devices.

Steady Growth

Valiant’s success story with Idaho Style is a perfect example of how SEO and SMM campaigns have transformed the way businesses operate. Through our campaigns, Valiant was able to generate more leads, conversions, and increase customer engagement. Their website traffic also experienced a steady increase, further proving the effectiveness of digital marketing. With the right strategy in place, it’s amazing what businesses can achieve in today’s digital age.


Valiant Detox has been extremely happy with the results of the rebranding project that Idaho Style undertook for them. The website is now the center of Valiant’s digital presence, helping potential customers find information and resources they need before making their decisions. We continue to be available to Valiant Detox to keep their SEO up to date and answer any questions they may have.

An Detox Treatment Campaign that Exceeds Results

Valiant Detox has undergone a remarkable transformation, ascending to become one of the premier addiction treatment rehab centers in the industry. The Idaho Style team is privileged to have played a role in this journey, working tirelessly to support their mission to help people find their way towards recovery. The dedication and hard work of Valiant Detox have resulted in an impressive reputation, with a solid position at the forefront of their field. This incredible transformation is a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment to their clients and their dedication to excellence in everything they do. The future looks bright for Valiant Detox, and the Idaho Style team is honored to have been a part of their incredible journey towards making a positive difference in the lives of others. We are proud to say that Valiant Detox has now:

  • Tripled their Organic Site Traffic

  • Decreased PPC Spend by 50%

  • Increase requests for information by more than 70%

  • Increase call volume by more than 65%

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