Restoring lives to those in recovery

The Rise Again Foundation is a registered charity with the IRS, dedicated to assisting individuals facing substance use disorders and those in the early stages of recovery. They offer a wide range of educational resources, support, and tools to help individuals manage their substance use disorder and adopt healthier lifestyles. Their mission is to empower individuals, instilling self-belief and fostering lasting recoveries through evidence-based strategies.

An Exercise in Enhancements

In today’s competitive world, where customers demand instant gratification, establishing a strong online presence is crucial. Recognizing this necessity, Rise Again Foundation partnered with Idaho Style to create and optimize their website. Through our unwavering dedication and expertise, we successfully improved their visibility on Google search results with an on-page optimized website. Our efforts have led to increased client acquisition and donations. At Idaho Style, we are committed to helping businesses thrive in their respective industries, and we take pride in our role in the success of Rise Again Foundation.

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Enhance Existing Product

Rise Again Foundation is enhancing their website to attract a larger number of potential customers. The redesigned site offers concise information, maximizing the likelihood of conversion.

Mobile First

As a significant portion of user traffic comes from mobile devices, we have implemented necessary steps to enhance the website’s performance and look on mobile devices.

Steady Growth

The Rise Again Foundation has drawn in more people in need and donors through improvements to their website and enhanced Google accessibility. Idaho Style has played a role in bolstering the Rise Again Foundation’s image as a compassionate charity.


Our commitment involves providing ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the website remains current and operates seamlessly. Furthermore, we are here to address any questions or issues from Rise Again Foundation promptly.

Creating a Greater Brand Image For a Charity Organization

When it comes to creating a website, there are two critical factors: appearance and functionality. Rise Again Foundation needed a website that was visually pleasing yet easy to navigate, and we are proud to have delivered just that. With beautiful graphics and intuitive design, browsing their values and services is an effortless experience. But we didn’t stop there. We also wanted to optimize their website to get more traffic from relevant search engine results. By conducting keyword research and implementing on-page SEO strategies, we were able to significantly improve their website’s visibility on Google. This resulted in a higher conversion rate and ultimately led to increased support for the foundation’s cause. At Idaho Style, we understand the importance of both aesthetics and functionality when it comes to creating a successful website, and we are dedicated to delivering both for our clients.

  • Rebranded a Charity Organization to Fit their Values

  • Increased Engagement by More than 50%

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 75%

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