A Big Game Hunting Project

We at Idaho Style were excited to have the opportunity to help build the website for Shoshone Adventures. With over 30 years of experience, Shoshone has built a network of the best outfitters and our expert consultants search for the best deals on hunts. We revamped their existing website with a comprehensive new web design and digital marketing strategy. Our team created an effective email automation system to convert those interested in the business into customers. This included creating custom landing pages, automating email campaigns through a CRM, and optimizing SEO for their website.

An exercise in enhancements

Idaho Style is proud to have helped Shoshone Adventures with their Webflow website and we continue to help them maintain it. This website has undoubtedly helped to bring the right kind of client to them, as the website showcases all their professional adventures in an easily accessible way. We crafted out a subscription membership area that enables exclusive access to hunts. The website helps booking a consultation and a hunt easier than before.

Enhance Existing Product

Shoshone Adventures was in much need of a website that shows who they are and what they do considering its online presence is crucial to displaying its available hunts.. We were happy to enhance their brand by building a targeted website and using our SEO skills to bring more traffic and conversions.

Mobile First

With our mobile-first approach, we designed the website to be optimized for any device, providing an enjoyable experience for desktop and mobile users alike. Additionally, our page load time is lightning fast on all devices making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.  Our goal is to provide a smooth, enjoyable user experience regardless of the device being used. 

Steady Growth

We also implemented a comprehensive content marketing strategy that focused on increasing the visibility of the brand online by utilizing high-quality content creation, keyword research and outreach. This included the creation of blog articles, press releases, relevant backlinks and other content pieces to help increase brand awareness. 


. Through our efforts, we have been able to help Shoshone gain a strong foothold in the digital marketing space. We look forward to continuing to work with them as they expand their business in the future.

Ultimately, our goal was to create a website that would attract more visitors, establish an online presence for Shoshone Adventures, and increase the number of potential customers that they could reach. 

Our tailored digital marketing strategies and redesigned website led to an impressive increase in web traffic, with visitors spending more time on the site due to its new, user-friendly design and engaging content. But most importantly, there was a significant uptick in customer conversions, which was a direct result of our automated email campaigns and the enhanced visibility from our SEO efforts.

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A Development That Exceeds Results

We’re proud to have helped them with their company rebranding and we look forward to continuing to help them grow their business in the future.

  • Complete Rebrand and Company Profile Makeover

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 80%

  • Increase Booking Consultations by more than 65%

Shoshone Adventures also enjoyed a boost in their brand’s online presence, thanks to our content marketing and back-linking strategies. These initiatives facilitated increased engagement with both existing and potential customers, fostering a sense of community around the brand. As a result, Shoshone Adventures is now better positioned than ever in the digital space, with a stronger online brand presence and a website that continues to drive customer interaction and business growth.

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