From an Internal Built Website to the On-Going Maintenance

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a premier luxury center based in Hawaii bringing luscious grounds and adventure therapy as a different approach to addiction treatment.

Slightly under a year ago, the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab team came to us to build out a new website that showed off their unique approach and professional appearance with a focus on catering to both in-network patients and out-of-network patients. Over the last year, we’ve had the pleasure of helping the Exclusive Hawaii team showcase its unique niche, as well as optimize its services in a way that drives the target audience the substance abuse addiction recovery center is looking for.

An exercise in enhancements

Our goal was to increase their online presence through Organic Search Marketing, as well as Paid Search Marketing and we were given the task by Exclusive Hawaii, an Addiction Treatment Center. We began by making some substantial on-page SEO adjustments, which helped the site immediately, but a comprehensive Website Design Makeover was required to get the greatest results for the Treatment Center. We also employed off-page SEO tactics, including content marketing and relative link building to let Google know about the services and location of this facility. We rapidly expanded their authority online by leveraging our addiction center SEO strategy with a local and national presence.

Enhance Existing Product

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab needed a rebuild of its website, as it was the most important aspect for displaying its different approach to therapy.

Mobile First

Since 80% of the user traffic was coming in from mobile devices, we ensured the website functioned and looked great on mobile devices.

Steady Growth

With the growth of the SEO and SMM campaigns, Exclusive Hawaii was able to become one of the most renowned addiction recovery centers in the U.S.


Today they currently rank in the top 5 for all their major addiction keywords and have a constant waiting list.

An Addiction Treatment Campaign that Exceeds Results

With these numbers, this facility has been able to help more people than ever before, while increasing its revenues month over month and lowering its Cost Per Acquisition.

  • Quadrupled their Organic Site Traffic

  • Decreased PPC Lead Conversion Spend by 45%

  • Increase requests for information by more than 85%

  • Increase call volume by more than 75%

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