Maintaining the Safety and Quality of Your Water Supply

Routine maintenance and testing of backflow assemblies are crucial for ensuring the safety of your water supply. Both municipal and private water distribution systems have regulations that mandate at least annual testing to protect our communities. The High Desert Backflow team is knowledgeable about all local requirements and guarantees that their services meet or surpass the necessary standards. Rely on their team for all your backflow service needs today!

An Exercise in Enhancements

In today’s highly competitive landscape, where customers demand instant gratification, a robust online presence is essential. Recognizing this, High Desert Backflow partnered with Idaho Style to create and optimize their website. Through our dedication and expertise, we enhanced their Google algorithm, ensuring they appeared on the first page of search results. We developed a comprehensive site for them that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Our efforts have enabled High Desert Backflow to attract more customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. Additionally, we implemented email automation to streamline their customer relationship management. At Idaho Style, our mission is to help businesses excel in their industries, and we are proud to have supported High Desert Backflow in maintaining competitiveness and achieving growth.

Enhance Existing Product

High Desert Backflow is upgrading their website to draw more potential customers. The revamped site provides clear information, boosting the chances of conversions.

Mobile First

Since a significant portion of user traffic comes from mobile devices, we have implemented the necessary steps to optimize the website’s functionality and appearance for mobile users.

Steady Growth

High Desert Backflow has attracted an increasing number of customers thanks to their optimized website and Google accessibility. At Idaho Style, we have contributed to establishing High Desert Backflow as a leading company in the plumbing indusrty.


We are dedicated to offering continuous maintenance and support to ensure the website is up-to-date and running smoothly. Additionally, we are readily available to handle any inquiries or concerns from High Desert Backflow.

Creating a Greater Customer Base For a Local Backflow Company

At High Desert Backflow, they recognize the crucial role potable water plays for families and businesses. Regular maintenance and testing of backflow assemblies are essential to ensure the safety of your water supply.

When creating a website, two key elements are crucial: appearance and functionality. High Desert Backflow required a site that was both visually appealing and easy to navigate, and we are proud to have delivered just that. Featuring stunning graphics and an intuitive design, their services are now a breeze to browse.

But we didn’t stop there. We also aimed to boost their website’s visibility in relevant search engine results. By optimizing their content, we achieved a significant increase in conversion rates. High Desert Backflow is now a well-organized company, enabling them to focus on crucial matters while we manage the rest! Through our efforts in online branding and identity, we increased organic site traffic by 72% and boosted calls by more than 50%.

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