From a website built internally to a professional handoff

Emend Health Care, a leading rehab center for addiction treatment, partnered with Idaho Style to rejuvenate its brand and digital presence. The project included a comprehensive website overhaul and a finely-tuned digital marketing campaign, aimed at boosting the center’s online visibility and expanding its reach.

Our creative team, equipped with extensive knowledge of the addiction treatment industry, carefully crafted a new website design that radiates warmth, professionalism, and trust. We optimized the site for optimal user experience, ensuring effortless navigation and accessibility across all devices. The revamped site now boasts an intuitive interface that seamlessly guides visitors, offering them essential information about the services provided by Emend Health Care.

An exercise in enhancements

Our goal was to enhance their online presence through both Organic Search Marketing and Paid Search Marketing. Emend Health Care, a Technology Addiction Treatment Center, entrusted us with this mission. Initially, we made significant on-page SEO adjustments, which resulted in immediate improvements for the website. However, in order to achieve optimal results for the Treatment Center, a comprehensive Website Design Makeover was deemed necessary. Additionally, we employed off-page SEO tactics, such as content marketing, to inform Google about the services and location of the facility. By implementing our addiction center SEO strategy, we successfully expanded their online authority.

Enhance Existing Product

Emend required a website rebuild since it was crucial for showcasing its unique therapy approach.

Mobile First

With 80% of the user traffic originating from mobile devices, we made sure that the website performed exceptionally well and had an appealing appearance on mobile.

Steady Growth

By implementing effective SEO and SMM campaigns, Omega has emerged as one of the leading technology addiction recovery centers in the United States.

100k Monthly Reports

At present, they hold a top 5 position for all major keywords related to technology addiction and maintain a constant waiting list.

A Campaign For Addiction Treatment that Surpasses Expectations

By leveraging these figures, the facility has achieved unprecedented levels of assistance to individuals, along with month-over-month revenue growth and a reduction in Cost Per Acquisition.

• Organic site traffic quadrupled

• PPC spend decreased by 75%

• Requests for information increased by over 80%

• Call volume increased by over 70%.

The collaboration between us yielded exceptional results in terms of design and marketing. Our creative team delivered an outstanding website design that not only captivates visually but also encapsulates the values of Omega Recovery, an organization dedicated to helping individuals battling addiction.

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