A Professional Rebrand for a Rehab Center

Alta Loma is a long-term mental health treatment center for men located in Georgetown, Texas, just minutes from Austin. They offer more than traditional mental health programs by creating a structured environment where residents can achieve emotional and psychological stability. Their mission is to address mental health conditions at their core, focusing on the whole person and aiding their successful integration into society.

At Idaho Style, we developed a website for Alta Loma and enhanced their visibility and call volume through effective SEO strategies. Additionally, we offer ongoing maintenance and updates to keep their site current with industry trends and changes. This collaboration has resulted in notable success for Alta Loma, with a significant rise in website traffic, inquiries, and conversions.

An exercise in enhancements

Our collaboration with Alta Loma involved an in-depth exploration of their mission and values, allowing us to create a tailored digital marketing strategy that boosted their online presence and supported their goals. We began by revamping their website for better accessibility and visual appeal. Additionally, we optimized the site for search engines to ensure higher rankings for relevant queries. We also launched targeted social media campaigns and SEO articles to reach individuals seeking mental health treatment services.

Our dedicated efforts resulted in significantly improved online visibility for Alta Loma, enhancing outreach and raising awareness about their exceptional services. We are proud of our contribution to this partnership and in supporting individuals on their path to recovery.

Enhance Existing Product

Alta Loma needed a rebuild of its website, as it was the most important aspect for displaying its different approach to rehab.

Mobile First

With 80% of user traffic coming from mobile devices, we made sure the website was optimized for both functionality and appearance on mobile.

Steady Growth

With the growth of the SEO and SMM campaigns, Alta Loma was able to become one of the most renowned recovery centers in Texas.

On-Going Support

Today, they are ranked in the top 5 for all major mental health rehab keywords and receive a constant increase in calls.

A Highly Effective Mental Illness Treatment Campaign

Our partnership with Alta Loma has been a journey of continued growth and success. We have worked closely with their team to develop a custom website that showcases their unique approach to mental illness treatment, along with effective SEO strategies to reach their target audience.

In addition to website design and SEO, we have also implemented social media campaigns and content marketing efforts to promote Alta Loma’s services and mission.

We take pride in our contribution towards helping Alta Loma achieve its goals of providing top-notch treatment and support for men struggling with mental health. So far, we have increased requests for information by more than 70% and boosted call volume by more than 65%.

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