Providing Proper Product Destruction

Sledgehammer knows that it is essential to protect customers from hazardous, counterfeit, recalled, or out-of-date products that don’t meet quality standards by utilizing product destruction services. Business owners and government agencies also need these services to avoid having their brands tarnished due to poor product distribution.

They safeguard your brand and business names by providing certified destruction services, no matter the size of the organization – from small businesses to sizable governmental agencies. They guarantee that unwanted, faulty, or discontinued products will never reappear on the secondary market with our complete product disposal solutions.

An exercise in enhancements

Sledgehammer product destruction trusted us with building their website. From their new website, potential consumers can learn about them, their services, locations, and FAQs. The website that we at Idaho Style have created for them makes it easy to contact Sledgehammer, consumers can even get a quote from the website! The appealing and easy-to-use website has allowed Sledgehammer Product Destruction to convert a greater number of those interested into customers. By performing a digital marketing approach, and optimized SEO, we saw results in increased rankings and targeted customers.

Enhance Existing Product

From building this website from the ground up, Idaho Style found it important for it to reflect Sledgehammer’s trustworthy and certified company.

Mobile First

Created a website easy to navigate so that users could find the information they were looking for quickly and easily even on mobile devices.

Steady Growth

To bring more customers to the website, we improved our Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This involved optimizing Sledgehammer’s website for key terms related to their services. With that done, it is now much easier for potential customers to find us through search engine results pages (SERPs), as the site has shot up in ranking!


By staying up to date with the website and continuing to enhance the website’s SEO, we are able to continue to help this company grow.

Creating a Website that is Easy to Locate and Navigate 

We are overjoyed to have designed a website for Sledgehammer Product Destruction; A comprehensive website that enhances your customers’ experience is the key to making users stay engaged with your service. We are proud to have developed a website that is aesthetically pleasing, ranks highly in search engine results, and drives beneficial traffic directly to them. We look forward to further aiding in their business growth moving forwards.

  • Assistance in Brand Design

  • Increased Organic Site Traffic by 85%

  • Increase Interaction by more than 70%

  • Increased Clientele Over 65%

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