From Start to Finish: How Our Web Design Company in Boise Can Elevate Your Brand

web design company in boise

Looking to elevate your own brand and expand your business’s potential? There is no greater investment than in yourself, which may also include your own business. From start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand is worth taking a look. At Idaho Style, our professionals utilize the best tools and programming online to elevate your brand and ignite growth for your business. Our small but mighty team can either support your web design journey at your request when needed, or do all the intensive work ourselves for you. There is a mountain of research showing just how important web design is for any business in today’s world. Therefore, the sooner your brand shines bright online- the better.

Why Hiring A Professional Web Designer Is A Great Move For Your Company

While there are plenty of options to educate yourself on building a website, or taking on web design- the task at hand is still not an easy one for everyone. Even with the best teaching and resources, writing code and utilizing web design languages can be overwhelming. Understanding from start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand, may be worth your time. Especially if you enjoy other aspects of running your business, with web design being your least favorite or most challenging. Our experienced team at Idaho Style has been rocking web design perfection for over 12 years, with over 220 projects completed. Our experienced team will take intelligent risks and push norms and boundaries with well crafted web design services.

Hiring a professional web designer is a great move for your company, especially one in-line with your brand’s values. Ethics should be something important to consider before hiring a professional Web Design Company in Boise as well. It is imperative to ensure that the company you choose will uphold the duty of care to the client, the end-user, and the content. Honesty and transparency with clients, content, and end-users is paramount before signing any dotted line. Choosing Boise for web design services can elevate your business and brand alike, especially with Idaho Style. Let us break down from start to finish, what you or your team will need to do to get your web design ranking and thriving.

What Exactly Is Web Design?

Web design includes the process of planning, conceptualizing, and implementing the plan for designing a website in a way that is functional and offers a good user experience. And in fact, user experience is central to the web designing process and its success. Websites, when well designed, have an array of elements presented in ways that make them easy to navigate. Web designing can be broken down into different kinds; Static, Dynamic, Content Management System, and eCommerce. Picking the sort of website design relies upon the kind of business and necessity of the entrepreneurs. Which is why it is important to learn from start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand. Therefore, online engagement is crucial in the success of a website, keeping up with the latest and greatest trends can only help more with ranking. Below are some of the main tasks associated with web design, though not limited to just those tasks outlined. 

Tasks Associated With Web Design:

  • Create everything a user sees on a website or software product- which includes all visual, color, typography, and usability elements.
  • Working directly with a client or their team to create web designs and templates to develop their clients vision and/or brand. 
  • Abilities to understand and communicate various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Utilization of coding skills.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes to test design ideas.
  • Integral part of web design logos, branding, and company style guides.
  • Perform navigation and functionality tests of their web design and programming. 

Web design is an art form today, especially due to such a competitive business world online. No matter which type of website your business needs, Idaho Style has the professionals and experience to design whatever you seek. We design and develop websites that are extensions of your brand’s identity because it’s one of the first places, if not only place, people may encounter it. Our boutique in-house team of American designers and developers work hand-in-hand with brands to determine the businesses functionality goals both short and long. From start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand is unmatched by our competitors. Our team will establish an outline by properly planning the determined outcome and then delivering on the expected goals. The results wow audiences and deliver tangible results that ignite success for their brand and business. 

Which Kind Of Web Design Does Your Company Need?

Websites are a window, and often the door, into your business. They allow a potential customer a view of a business’s services, products, and overall brand. But, which kind of website you should develop depends on whether you are using it for professional or personal reasons. There are many types of websites from online Template Builders, to Content Management Systems (CMS), Custom Sites, and even eCommerce Stores. What is best for you and your brand will be determined by who your target audience is and what your online business needs are. While a business may offer more of a structured and simple design, personal users may prefer utilizing a blog. In order to engage additional traffic and potential customers, many businesses will utilize a blog connected to their site as well as other developments. Below are the different kinds of websites used by web design companies in Boise to elevate a client’s brand. 

The Standard Business Website: A standard business website usually has critical information regarding the type of products or services the business may offer, but no eCommerce. These are common among the service industry businesses.

Subscription Box Websites: Subscription box websites typically contain an assortment of products. Most of the time with a common theme or niche, such as men’s grooming boxes, pet boxes, or food/snack boxes, and bill/ship on a monthly basis to users.

Custom Websites: Depending upon the businesses goals, a company may need a more customized website that requires more time in building. A unique business may not fit into the typical category and require more custom coding and API integrations from other 3rd party services. One in which custom coding is required to accomplish the businesses goals.

eCommerce Websites: In today’s market, many retail sellers will offer products online as well as at a physical store. Hence, utilizing an eCommerce website comes into play. Operating and maintaining an eCommerce store is far less experience than brick-and-mortar store.

web design company in boise


From Start To Finish: How Our Web Design Company In Boise Can Elevate Your Brand

Typically the Branding Identity process will take some time when done correctly and thoroughly. At Idaho Style, for example, we take pride in making the web design journey unique to the businesses needs and vision. Therefore, the actual time frame from start to finish will vary based on the needs and depth of the web design project. On average, each branding identity or project takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks from Discovery, Research, Design, and Maintenance/Completion. Below are the steps from start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand. 

Discovery: By far, as considered by most professional web design companies, the most important part of the website design process is the discovery phase. This is the first step in the process that includes research and analysis to investigate how the website can best serve the needs of the business and its customers. Considered an eCommerce approach, the discovery part of the web design process creates engaging customer experiences for all shoppers by making product discovery and search intuitive. It ensures that every part of the customer journey is personalized, engaging, and frictionless so that online shoppers are more likely to stay and purchase.

Research: Web design research is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data as well as insights to provide context for designs. The purpose of website design research is to find out how potential users interact with websites. This also includes what the potential users’ needs are and what can be done to solve their problems. By utilizing research and gathering data about users, designers can be more intentional. The information collected allows the web designer to create applications that meet the needs of the target audience and provide a positive experience. User research can help designers make informed decisions, reduce development time, and increase the likelihood a user will be engaged and stay. 

Design: The design process defines a web design’s layout, colors, font, and images used on its website. Essentially all the stuff that goes into a web designs branding and usability. Often the web designing process requires tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Sketch. The web designing process also includes front-end development with coding languages such as; HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Another reason why so many successful brands have chosen to utilize professional web design services. A key component from start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand. 

Maintenance Or Completion: Website maintenance includes tasks like ensuring all the links on your site are working, regularly updating content, and fixing any broken links. It also involves more general housekeeping tasks like backing up your site regularly and monitoring your site’s performance. Once maintenance checks all its functionality boxes, completion is the next satisfying step of the web design process. 

Idaho Style Provides Cutting-Edge Web Design For Your Brand

As businesses and organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, the need for smooth web applications and quality web design will keep expanding. Web designers play a crucial role in building and maintaining growing online platforms for successful brands. At Idaho Style, our team brings over 12+ years of experience in this exploding industry. Our web design team is on board with the best web design options found nowhere else in Boise, ID. At Idaho Style, we understand that the development of your web design will be determined by your target audience, budget, and online needs. Both short and long term branding goals will be focused upon and executed. We take pride in finding the best solution for your brand, while also making sure your web design is always running smooth. From start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand is done in pure excellence.

Any successful brand will tell you how important it is to develop a professional and attractive website that is engaging. Did you know that the average adult spent 5.6 hours a day on the Internet in 2020. Of that total, 2.8 hours was spent on a mobile device. 97-percent of users will research a business review or product before purchasing or using a service. When you create a website, you open the door to a whole new focal point of your business in the digital marketing age. And this precisely how you stay ahead of competitors- by utilizing cutting-edge web design services Boise. By going “online” your Brand has visibility to endless users and traffic now. If you’re not online and with a web presence then you’re not really in business these days we’d say. Your website is your first focal point of contact that many new prospects will come across first researching before ever filling out a form, picking up the phone, or clicking that “buy now” button. Ensure your brand is being seen, heard, and understood at its highest level. At Idaho Style, we show from start to finish: how our web design company in Boise can elevate your brand and grow your business. Our dedicated team is here from concept to completion- with your brands every goal seen, valued, and executed to perfection.