Five Advantages Of Boise Email Marketing Services And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

5 tips for email marketing in boise

With the rise of social media, people are increasingly dismissive of email marketing. While it is true that video ads have taken the marketing world by storm, but studies have shown us that there is no alternative to a crafty email campaign. Call on Idaho Style for affordable Boise email marketing services. Our marketing experts can save you a lot of money on your next email campaign by targeting customers or clients who are looking for the products or services you have to offer. You’ll find more information, including our three steps to success protocol, on our website.

At Idaho Style, we are all about crafty and high-converting email campaigns. The following are 5 advantages you should be taking care of to craft the finest email marketing campaign that converts your customers.

1. Proper Email List Setup

The first step and often overlooked in every email campaign is to build an email list. An email list, if you don’t know, is a list of prospects that you want to convert to paying customers. The sooner you start building this list, the better. But how do you go about this process?

This is where Idaho Style comes in. Stats show that all businesses lose an average of 25 percent of their mail list every year due to abrasion. So, it is vital to continuously grow your email list so as to make up for the lost subscribers. At Idaho Style, we are a Boise email marketing agency that will work with you to create the best combination of strong CTAs, valuable incentives, and carefully positioned A/B tested pop-ups to help your brand generate relevant subscribers.

Having run several successful marketing campaigns on the back of an engaging email marketing strategy, we know how to build a bullet-proof email list. From an elegant landing page design to non-obtrusive popups, we collect prospect information a little differently.

When you come to us, we will design an email marketing strategy that includes everything from an email list to the final sale conversion. I mean… that’s what you should expect from your Boise email marketing company, right?

2. Branded Email Newsletter Design

Your email newsletter shows your expertise to target audience and customers alike. If your email newsletters are not vibing with your audience, it’s time to make a change. Having a unique email newsletter design will set your business apart from the competition. At Idaho Style, we can help you create custom-made email newsletter designs that resonate with your customers.

We’ll make the most of your brand and use them to create flexible, modern, and easy-to-use email newsletters based on best practices. Depending upon the customer segments, designs can deliver incredibly effective campaign.

3. Write Engagement Driven Emails

After building a bulletproof email list, a stellar design to back it up, the next step is to write engaging emails consistently. And it is harder than it sounds. Considering the amount of spam all of us receive daily, ensuring that the emails we sent provide value is a big undertaking. After all, if we fail to provide value to the consumer, we aren’t going to see any engagement and certainly no return on the investment. Deriving from our years of experience, we craft compelling, valuable content that drives email engagement. And when engagement goes up, so does your ROI.

4. Setting Up Email Marketing Automation Services

Setting up proper email marketing automation is essential to any properly executed campaign. This involves creating a series of emails in a specific order to encourage your potential customers to purchase your service and/or product. Automation can help drive email engagement and do what you can’t or don’t have the time to do. You can automatically send welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, reminder emails, and more.

At Idaho Style, we will set up basic email automation such as welcome and abandon emails and advanced automation such as Product-Specific, Birthday emails, Re-Engagement/Winback, Cross-Sell/Upsell, and VIP. The end result is high engagement rates, slight input after activating automation, repeat sales, and unending opportunities for optimization and expansion.

5. Email Campaign A/B Testing & Planning

Your email campaign strategy, like anything else, requires considerable planning. By spending the right amount of time planning your email marketing strategy, you will be able to meet your brand goals and provide your subscribers with the best email marketing campaigns possible. A properly setup email marketing campaign should also include A/B Testing as well as email marketing funnel automation.

We help clients by planning and designing email marketing campaigns that actually work. We will start by asking the right questions, such as: what’s the purpose of the email marketing strategy? Who is your target audience? What are they expecting to receive? And what will success look like for this campaign? Asking these type of questions helps plan for the proper A/B testing funnel to be designed around a goal for the subscriber.

From One-Time Customers to Building a Loyal Tribe

lbc bioscience email blastThe ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is to convert one-time customers into loyal fans that will keep coming back for more. And the key to nailing this process is to treat customers not as a commodity but like individuals. When businesses start treating customers like a commodity, a resource that serves its purpose and is then discarded, the businesses lose their brand value. No brand value equals no trust. And without trust, there are no loyal customers.

At Idaho Style, building trust between a company and its customer base through email marketing is our forte. We have developed our content production model in line with our marketing funnel optimization techniques. The result is a model that gives us content that sells and results that deliver.

For instance, we place a major emphasis on b2b gifting whenever possible. It creates mutual trust between a brand and its customers. And as we’ve mentioned, trust is the building block of a successful campaign. Idaho Style is your one-stop shop for top of the line email marketing services in Boise. From sales funnel optimization to product ascension, we have the ability to convert your one-time customer into a loyal repeat tribe member.

At Idaho Style, we will take care of your business email marketing needs. Our email marketing professionals send highly personalized and relevant emails that help increase engagement and turns your target audience into paying customers. We will help you choose engaging email marketing services that fit your business needs.

If you’d like to learn more about why we are one of the top email marketing companies in Boise and our service, Contact Idaho Style for a free consultation and digital audit.