The Top Major 2023 Google Updates to Pay Attention to

Google updates

At Idaho Style, we understand the significance of Google in the world of business growth. With an astounding 8.5 Billion searches made per second, it’s essential for businesses to have a strong online presence – and that starts with a well-designed website. As experts in web design, we can help you create a professional and engaging website that reflects your brand and helps you stand out from competitors. Don’t miss out on potential customers by failing to optimize your online presence.

As a web designer or online marketer, you know that keeping up with Google updates is crucial. And 2023 promises to be an exciting year full of changes and upgrades. We’re here to make sure you’re in the know about the most important updates Google has planned. By staying up-to-date, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the game and ensure that your website is user-friendly and ranks well in search results. Google is the most powerful search engine in the world. Understanding it is key to your online success. The top major 2023 Google updates to pay attention to are:

February Product Reviews Update

  • Previously impacting English only, support for 10 more languages was added. The update brings new languages to the product reviews update, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish.
  • Rollout completed: March 7 (14 days). The objective of the Google product reviews update is to elevate review content that goes beyond the typical templated information found on the web. According to Google, these types of product reviews will receive preferential treatment in search result rankings. Google does not explicitly penalize product reviews that lack substance and merely summarize multiple products. However, if your rankings are downgraded because other content is prioritized, it may feel like a penalty. According to Google, this is not a direct penalty against your content, but rather a reward for sites with more informative review content that surpasses yours. This update should primarily affect product review content and not other forms of content.
  • More volatile than previous product reviews updates. Google has offered guidance on how to navigate the impact of the recent product reviews update. We have shared their advice in our original article, which can be found here. Furthermore, Google has introduced two new best practices related to this update. The first suggests incorporating more multimedia elements in your product reviews, while the second recommends including links to multiple sellers, rather than just one.

March 2023 Core Update

  • Google core updates are significant in general. These updates bring about algorithm changes that can have a substantial impact. Early discussions in the SEO industry indicated that this update was particularly influential compared to previous core updates. We will be providing a report on the effects of this update in the coming days now that it has been completed. If you are negatively affected by a core update, Google has provided advice on what to consider. It is important to note that there are no specific actions to take for recovery, as a drop in rankings may not indicate any issues with your pages, according to Google.
  • Rollout completed: March 28 (13 days). Being aware of Google algorithm updates is crucial for all brands, businesses, and organizations as they can affect the performance of your site in search results. Any fluctuations in rankings resulting from a core update, whether positive or negative, can have an impact on your organic traffic, conversions, and revenue. Being aware of Google’s updates provides a reference point to determine whether any changes on your website or Google’s ranking algorithm are responsible. This is an opportune moment to delve into your analytics and identify potential enhancements to your pages and content.
  • Volatility was equal to, or greater than, prior core updates. I recently compiled observations from the community on three different stories on the Search Engine Roundtable. The first story currently has just under 500 comments, while the second story experienced a spike in comments around March 23rd/24th with over 120 comments. Additionally, I provided a summary of the competition surrounding the rollout the day after it was completed. Based on the feedback from the community, it appears that this update had a significant impact.

April 2023 Reviews Update

  • Google’s “product reviews system” was changed to “reviews system.”
  • Google altered the language of its guidance on product reviews to apply to all types of reviews (e.g., services, businesses, destinations, media).
  • Rollout completed: April 25 (13 days). Google’s latest update expands its previous product reviews updates to cover reviews of any subject that can be reviewed, such as services, businesses, destinations, and media. As part of this update, Google has renamed its “product reviews system” to simply “reviews system” and has made changes to the language in various sections of its guidance documentation to encompass all types of reviews. If your website offers general review content, it is important to monitor your rankings to evaluate any impact. Has your organic traffic from Google improved, declined, or remained the same? In the long run, it is crucial to invest more effort and provide detailed review content that stands out from competitors online. Strive for uniqueness to capture attention. For further guidance on this update, please refer to our previous story here.
  • More volatile than the prior product reviews updates. Google has recently provided updated advice regarding writing high-quality reviews. According to this advice, it is important to evaluate products or services from a user’s perspective and demonstrate expertise in the subject matter. Providing evidence, such as visuals or personal experience, can strengthen the authenticity of the review. Sharing quantitative measurements and comparing the product to its competitors can also be helpful. Additionally, discussing the benefits and drawbacks, as well as the evolution and improvements of a product, can assist users in making informed purchase decisions. Including links to other resources and multiple sellers can provide readers with additional information and options. When recommending something as the best, it is essential to provide supporting evidence. Lastly, ranked lists should contain enough valuable content to stand on their own, even if separate in-depth reviews are written.

May Topic Authority System

  • Google has announced a search system named “topic authority” to help surface relevant, expert, and knowledgeable content in Google Search and Google News. Google said this “helps determine which expert sources are helpful to someone’s newsy query in certain specialized topic areas, such as health, politics, or finance.” This system aims to help surface relevant, expert and knowledgeable content in Google Search and Google News. How can you optimize for topic authority? According to Google, simply continue doing what you’re already doing – providing excellent coverage on the subjects and areas you are knowledgeable about. If you’re doing everything correctly, Google may reward your content and publication with increased visibility and traffic from both Google Search and Google News.
  • The topic authority system, as per Google, evaluates a publication’s expertise in a specific area by considering various signals. These signals encompass influential and original reporting, assessed through factors like links and citations, as well as the reputation of the source. The significance of a source is now recognized by Google in relation to its subject matter or location. For example, this website would be highly relevant for search marketing topics. Additionally, Google assesses the level of influence and originality in a publication by examining factors such as links, citations, and other relevant areas.
  • Google said they have been using this system for “several years,” but this was the first time discussing it.

August 2023 Core Update

  • Rollout completed Sept. 7 (16 days). It is crucial for brands, businesses, and organizations to stay informed about Google algorithm updates as they can affect the performance of your website in search results. Whether it’s a positive or negative change in rankings due to a core update, it can have an impact on your organic traffic, conversions, and revenue. Being aware of these updates helps you identify whether it was a modification on your website or a change in Google’s ranking algorithm.
  • The update, while big, felt muted compared to previous updates. Identifying the necessary steps to reverse any negative impact on your website caused by algorithmic changes can be challenging. This is especially true for Google core updates, which encompass a wide range of quality issues. The data and previous experience suggest that these updates have a significant impact. Therefore, if your website has been affected by a core update, it is advisable to take a step back and evaluate your entire website to identify areas for improvement. Hopefully, both your company and your clients have benefitted from this update.

September 2023 Helpful Content System Update

  • According to Google, this update includes an enhanced classifier. In their announcement of the update, Google mentioned the presence of an improved classifier for the helpful content system. Google stated, “The September 2023 helpful content update is being rolled out with an upgraded classifier.”
  • Revisions to Google’s search documentation – Indications were provided by actions such as including hosted third-party content, modifying content dates, and adding/removing content, revealing what had been altered.
  • Rollout is expected to take about two weeks.

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